About Healthy Partner Pet Snacks

In 2000, after more than 30 years of pioneering the meat snack and jerky industry, a family-owned jerky company in Southeast Idaho determined that the public demand was trending toward all-natural products devoid of preservatives and artificial ingredients. This resulted in a company-wide emphasis on all-natural meat snacks for people. The natural result of healthier meat snacks for people was an interest and demand for a similar type of treat for their pets.


A decision was made in 2008 to respond to these demands for all-natural pet treats that were based on human grade ingredients, not filled with high carb grains such as wheat, corn or rice, produced in a USDA inspected facility and most importantly, made in the USA. Healthy Partner Pet Snacks was created and a family of all-natural meat based pet treats was the result. But do not take our word for it – your pet’s reaction will speak far louder than anything we could say!