Do’s and Don’ts for "Take Your Dog to Work Day"

dog to work day

Although most U.S. companies don’t allow pets at work, they will open their doors for one day this week on Friday, June 23rd. Business offices around the world will celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day, allowing man’s best friend to join him on the job.

Pet Sitters International began the tradition 17 years ago, hoping to promote pet adoptions.  Take Your Dog to Work Day (TYDTWD) is a fun opportunity to recognize the health benefits and joys of owning a pet.

Is your office celebrating Take Your Dog to Work Day this week? Here are some tips to make it a success:

Do’s and Don’ts

Greet co-workers respectfully

While many people are dog lovers, not everyone enjoys a furry friend. Before showing up with your pet at the office, check with management to determine if anyone is allergic, afraid of dogs, or opposed to having a pet nearby. If it's an issue, Pet Sitters International has alternative ideas for celebrating Take Your Dog to Work Day that could be a better fit.

Pet-proof the office

Once management has approved of pets in the office for the day, look around your work space. Prepping for the dog's big day at the office should include a little safety planning:

  • Clean up food on or below desks;
  • Wrap up stray cords;
  • Place potted plants out of reach;
  • Tuck papers and chewable items in drawers and cupboards;
  • Bring chew toys for young puppies.

Make a good first impression

Help your dog make a good first impression by bathing and grooming him before the big day. Remember, you know your dog best. What will your dog’s reaction be to meeting new people and staying in a new place for the day? If the dog is very energetic, tire him out before expecting calm behavior around strangers. If your pet can be nervous, bring a favorite doggy bed and prepare a safe place for them to retreat to when needed. Or, if your dog can become easily irritable or aggressive, consider letting him stay home and bringing his picture instead. Maybe after an additional training class, he can come in for TYDTWD next year.

Bring a doggie bag

Pack a few of the comforts from home – especially a water bowl, food, treats, toys, leash, and pet disinfectant for any accidents. Use those healthy pet snacks to help co-workers and your dog get to know each other.

Have a back-up plan

Hopefully, all will go as planned; but if for any reason your dog needs to leave the office, plan in advance for a pet sitter or kennel for a place to stay. Never leave your pet alone in a vehicle while you work.

Most pets enjoy TYDTWD and the experience is positive for co-workers.  The American Pet Products Association surveyed fifty million people and found that pets in the workplace help people get along better and lead to more creativity.

Follow along with others who are celebrating the day on social media. The official Instagram hashtag is #takeyourdogtoworkday and @takeyourdog on twitter. Be sure to tag your own pictures and share your experience, too!

Article written by Melissa Wheeler, a writer and pet enthusiast who has a 10-year-old Whippet, named Leo, who loves to run, sneak food, and cuddle with his family. take your dog to work day