Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs

last minute holiday gift guide for dogs

While man’s best friend may not know about Santa and stockings, that doesn’t leave them out of the fun. Many pet owners include dogs in holiday gift giving, so much so that the American Pet Product Association (APPA) recorded $60.28 billion spent in 2015 in the pet industry.

How is that money being spent? In an informal survey on Facebook, dog owners shared their different gift ideas. Some keep it simple with new dog treats or toys, while others plan costumed pictures with Santa and elaborate gifts.

Either way, gifts bring cheer to pets and can run the gamut from inexpensive toys to high-end gadgets. Here are a few gift ideas:

 Doggy Wish list

  • Stocking full of goodies
    • Include dogs in the classic tradition of Santa’s stockings stuffed with goodies. Stockings come in all sizes and can hold a variety of gifts—from our favorite Healthy Partner Pet Snacks, to squeaky toys and balls.  
  • New dog bed
    • With all the daily use, dog beds can wear out quickly. All dogs can benefit from a new bed, especially older pets, which are prone to arthritis.
  • Christmas clothes
    • Yes, even dogs can end the year with style. Pet stores carry themed costumes for the holidays, such as Christmas elf sweaters or reindeer hats. Another clothing idea is a new sweater to keep warm during the cold weather.
  • Plush toys
    • Most dogs love a new plush, stuffed toy—especially with a squeaker in the middle. They come in every shape and size. Look for new plush toys with strong seams, since playing tug-of-war is another favorite activity to do with these toys. Or, grab a specific rope toy for tug-of-war games.
  • Pet Treat camera
    • A gift for the tech-savvy dog-owner, pet treat cameras can be purchased online or in pet stores. Set up the camera at home to check-in on beloved pets when you are gone from the house. The camera will allow Fido to hear your voice and give him treats when he responds to you. This fun gadget can be used as a training tool.
  • Electronic dog ball thrower
    • If your dog loves to play fetch, but your arm is tired of throwing. get an electronic dog ball thrower. This is a battery-operated gadget that automatically throws balls. It does require the dog to be trained to know where to return the ball in order for the ball-thrower to toss the ball repeatedly. After the dog knows where to return the ball, the thrower will play fetch in place of a person, allowing dog owners and friends a little break and time to focus on other valuable ways of bonding with pets.
  • Smart Collars
    • Similar to Smart watches, Smart collars can track dogs’ activity and location during the day. Some can even be synced with the thermostat to control your pet’s temperature.

Still don’t know what to buy?

These are a few of our gift ideas. If nothing else, be sure to surprise the dog in your life with a 100 percent all-natural dog snack. They will be happy to have a delicious, healthy treat.

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