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How to Photograph your Dog

Pets are often energetic, loving, and abounding with personality; yet trying to capture those characteristics in a photograph can be difficult, especially when the pet is always moving or stares into each photograph with demonic, red eyes from a bright flash. Don’t give up hope, it is possible to show their photogenic side. Here’s how to do it: Schedule the right time for your dog   There are certain times during the day that will be better (or worse) to photograph a pet, depending on their energy level and what type of photograph you want to take. For action shots, determine when your dog is most playful. However, if you want a portrait, find a time when they are naturally calmer,...

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Healthy Partner 2016 Summer Tour

We're bringing our all-natural pet treats to you! If you live in the Pacific Northwest there's a pretty good chance that we're coming to a dog park near you this summer! You and your dogs will be able to sample our all-natural beef, chicken, pork, and turkey dog snacks. We know that once you try our wholesome pet snacks you and your dog will be hooked! Here are the dog parks we're scheduled to visit this summer: Storey Bark Park Meridian ID Pend Orielle Dog Park Sandpoint ID Nampa Dog Park Nampa ID Morris Hill Park Boise ID Central Bark Dog Park Coeur d'Alane ID Old Town Bark Park Pocatello ID Redwood Park Boise ID Moscow Dog Park Moscow ID...

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